The best place for all crafters is SWG there you can a list of all current resources, many other information and a nice forum with helpfull people

Informations around creatures, their resources and lots more you find it SWG Creatures . com. That is the side that helps me making the animal resource list above.

A really helpfull page with lots of information and guides is Allakhazam Magic Realms

A nice page for tailors and tailor-stuff is Kelsaka's Clothing. Or you visit Glitterwear - Fashions by TK. They have a complete catalogue with all clothes.

Before NGE hits SWG i was a Bio Engineer - that means from 2003 until 2005. You can stillvisit my old Hoof & Horn BE-Shop. Of course you can't order anything anymore *sigh*

A german page i visit a lot is

After all - my guild "The Old Guard" also have a forum. But beware: it's german also!

Last but not least you also can visit the official page of Star Wars Galaxies

If you are interested in life outside of SWG: you can also visit my homepage: Saakjes Cottage. It's german of course.

This information brought by Lotham family