Survival Vendor - Camps, Traps & more

  At our Survival vendor you can get camps and traps in crates. And of course you can get all you need for a nice fishing weekend: a fishing pole and bait.
fishing pole 97%
100 credit

Base camp kit
3 k per crate
multipersons camp kit
5.6 k per crate
improved camp kit
8.4 k per crate
high quality camp kit
10k per crate
full crate for 2 k
Lecepanine Dart Wire Mesh Trap
full crate for 2.5 k
Glow-Juice Trap Sharp Bone Spur
full crate for 3 k
Noise Maker Stink Bomb
full crate for 4 k
Glow-Wire Trap Pecnacine Dart
full crate for 7 k
Adhesive Mesh

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