Petsupplies can be used by anybody - you dont have to be a Creature Handler or Medic. First there are 2 types of petsupplies a BE can offer: Petstims and Vitpacks. But we from Hoof & Horn offer also petfood.
  Pet Stimpacks
Heals pets HAM, no skill required. There come in 4 different kind of Stimpacks: Pet Stimpack A, B, C and D - Pet Stimpack D of course is the strongest and cost the most.
My most offered Stim is Pet Stimpack C. The price depend on how much it heal - a Petstim C 1040 / 23x would cost around 2k, a Petstim C 850 / 20x only 1480 creds.
  Pet Vitality Pack
Heals vitality losses done to pets when they're incapped and could have been deathblowed You can check the Vitality of your pet in your datapad. There come in 3 different kind: Pet Vitality Pack A, B and C. Of course Pet Vitality Pack C also is the strongest.
Vitpack A cost 1600cr, Vitpack B 2100cr and Vitpack C 2400cr.
a nice guide to vitpacks you can find at
  finest Petfood by Hoof & Horn
If a pet get hurt he start to get hungry. Then you need food like this. It heals all wounded the pet have.
price: (minimum 5 uses): 400 creds; crate with 25 foods: 5k
  Blap Biscuit
A gooey biscuit served drenched in carbosyrup that raise the health of a pet. We offer Blap Biscuit that raise the health by at least 10% for more then 50 minutes with minimum 3 uses.
price: 2k, also available in crates

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