Before I give you a short introduction into pets: I am interested in buying animal resources. I pay between 0.5 and 12 cpu (price depends on resource and stats). Sometimes i am looking for specific resources and pay even more. If you are interested in selling stuff - send a mail for details (standard pricelist and special requests list). You can also check out the current newsletter and most wanted stuff at the Hoof & Horn Resource Blog: Beli's Bio Blog. If you want to offer resources to me but you don't know exactly how that work: here is a short description how to offer items to a vendor.

As you see when you tame the pet it's a baby. A non-CH can have 2 pets. Only CH can have more. A Creature handler can teach the pet all the commands he need. A pet only grow in size when it get exp - and that only happen if a CH hunt with him. And pet can only trained as mount if its grown large enough. (More info you can find at SOE Announcements Listing about Publish 21) (check for Pet Growth Changes)

If the pet says "play" command him "trick". You may find a list of all pet-commands in the "Adventure Manual". Be sure to type the commands correctly - they are case-sensitive: "Come" doesn't work if the command is "come".

Pets regenerate HAM damage in the datapad. If a pet get hurt he start to get hungry. Feed him then. He took all that you can eat also (foraged food from scouts and cooked food from artisans and chefs). As you may have seen, Pet Food is also available at Hoof & Horn-vendor.
Don't feed Blap Biscuit or other food that buff stats this way. To make the buff work you have to drop the food on the pet.

Another thing you maybe want to know:
Pets will not be deleted unless the user selects the DESTROY option. (They means "release" work as "store")

Then most interesting:
/tellpet will work the same as "/say " or "/shout ", but without the spam. (That means: if you type "/tellpet attack" it works like "/shout attack". Remember: One pet user who shouts is no problem .. dozens are!)

My advice- make macros for your pet. at least:
/tellpet come (pets get lost often)
/tellpet attack (sometimes you want the help FAST)
/tellpet group (I put it on a seldom used macro bar)

And yes: you can use /tellpet for training also. There are CreatureHandlers that have a macrobar with all commands for easy & quick training... ,)

You can also check the pet information in the Manual. And in the Ingame-Holocron (CTRL-H) you can look up the knowledge base for more details.

And now: Have fun with your new pet :)

BTW If you looking for a pet that Hoof & Horn don't have at the moment - send a mail. I will make it if possible and put it in the vendor. I offer also all other BE-Products like instant stims, enhancers and tissues.
At the TOG Mall You may also find other vendors from guildies with resources, weapons, drugs, droids, artisan-stuff like bikes and a survival vendor (Scout-Stuff like camps, traps & fishing poles).
On Corellia Hoof & Horn sell petsupplies like Petstims, petfood and vitality packs.

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