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I offer special clothing at Bel's Functional Wear, and tailor components at Bel's Haberdashery.

My specialty
are clothing with the old bioenhanced modifiers at Bel's Functional Wear.
These clothes have already a modifier and can have a socket also to add a skill enhancing attachment (SEA). Note that tapes with the same modifier into a cloth only the higher one will work. So don't combine a shirt with a +18 camouflage with a Camoflage-SEA: that's wasting only your money.

The two modifiers that still work are:
- Camouflage - the camoflage modifier is usefull for spys stealth abilities. I offer +18 modifiers.
- Terrain negotiation - for whenever you travel through rugged terrain. I offer +17 modifiers.

These modifiers can be added to all clothes that need reinforced fiberplast panels to craft. Just scroll a bit down and check them out.

There are more old modifiers that are added to reinforced fiberplast panels:
- Healing efficiency - people say that it do nothing. Others tell that it helps with jedi heals and medic heals. I am nor jedi nor medic...
- Ranged/melee defense - some people didn't notice a difference - others standed that it help you in combat. Of course i am a innocent tailor and every single shoot kill me - so i can't test it...
- Surveying - rumours says that it helps with hand sampling resources at mustafar. I can offer +17 modifiers.

Then there are modifiers that can be added to Synthetic Cloth:
- Musician/dancer battle fatigue healing - Of course at this moment this modifier dont work because battle fatigue is taken out of the game - but the tissue was not changed. I can offer +17 modifiers.
- Augmentation/cure efficiency - Its unknown if it do anything yet. I can offer +17 modifiers.
- Wild/vicious creature taming - After all - there are no Creature Handler anymore so at all at this point they are not really usefull. I can offer +13 modifiers.

If you really want one of them - i am still able to make them. You can sent me a custom order for them. You can find a complete list of clothes here at LovFlos. It's even possible to make items that contains reinforced fiberplast panels and Synthetic Cloth. LovFlo also have information about that.

Please note: This is a complete list - the modifier can not be put on belts, gloves, boots or other stuff that's not listed !

that need reinforced fiberplast panels:
For color selection best check out Fashions by TK.

Bandoliers (for all races) (take same slot as backpack, can be work with armor)
Ammo Bandolier         Mercenary Bandolier         Multipocket Bandolier
Rank Sash         Two-Strap Bandolier

Flight/Bodysuits (not for Wookie and Ithorian)
Fighter Flightsuit     Heavy Flightsuit     Trader's Flightsuit
Transport Flightsuit     Infiltration Suit     Reinforced Jumpsuit

Jackets (not for Wookie and Ithorian)
Desert Command Jacket Heavy Reinforced Jacket Spec-Ops Duster

Pants (not for Wookie and Ithorian)
Crafters Pants Infilitrator Leggings Padded Workpants Paramilitary Camos Pocketed Shorts Reinforced Pants

Shirts (not for Wookie and Ithorian) (can be work with armor)
Formfitting Undershirt     Lined Workshirt     Reinforced Work Shirt

Wookiee can wear only bandoliers and the Wookiee Shoulder Pad

Ithorian have a bit larger selection:
For pictures and color selection best check out Fashions by TK.
- Ithorian Athletic Gear - Ithorian Nath-Nath Ball Outfit - Ithorian Technical Suit -

- Ithorian Med Team Jacket - Ithorian Officer's Jacket - Ithorian Short Cargo Jacket - Ithorian Sports Pullover -

- Ithorian Cargo Pants - Ithorian Heavy Pantaloons - Ithorian Heavy Pants - Ithorian Jungle Shorts - Ithorian Pants w/Knee Pads - Ithorian Plated Pantaloon -

- Ithorian Easy Fit Shirt - Ithorian Supported Shirt -

Also at the Functional Wear Vendor there are 2 different Backpacks with stat-modifiers on it:
Lightweight Military Pack: Agility 7 - Precision 7 - Strengh 7
Spec-Ops Field Agent Pack : Camouflage 5 - Foraging 5 - Melee Defence 3 - Ranged Defence 3

Bel's Haberdashery offers crated components:
- Armor Padding
- Fiberplast Panel
- Reinforced Fiber Panel
- Synthetic Cloth
- Trim
- crated Travelpacks

I can make complete factory runs of them. Just sent a gmail and i will tell you as soon as it's done.

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