Pricing Guide


Functional Wear

Bel's Stealth = +18 Camouflage 400k base price
Bel's Racing = +17 terrain negotation 400k base price
Bel's Digging = +17 surveying 400k base price
Bel's Healing = +14 healing efficiency 100k base price
All other modifiers: 50k base price

All Shirts and pants cost only base price - as most other clothes. But some items are more costly to make.

These are:
Infiltration Suit (6x base price) - Reinforced Jumpsuit (6x base price)

Ithorian Garb:
Ithorian Athletic Gear (5x base price) - Ithorian Nath-Nath Ball Outfit (6x base price) - Ithorian Ithorian Officer's Jacket (3x base price)

The prices of the Backpacks are:
Lightweight Military Pack 5k
Spec-Ops Field Agent Pack 25k

Hoof'n'Horn Haberdashery

Armor Padding components prices per crate:
- Armor Padding 20k
- Fiberplast Panel 5k
- Reinforced Fiber Panel 7.5k
- Synthetic Cloth 5k
- Trim 5k
- Travelpacks 20k

Please note that we like to buy resources also. If you have resources for sale or want to get a mining contract - check out the details at usefull things.

TOG Mall is a guild Mall. My family members and my guildies also have vendors over there. Make sure you check them out. We placed some perfect 45.00 crafting stations at TOG mall for all visitors (the food and structure stations can be found at TOG Diner right near TOG Mall). And yes - Sarlacc City is a research center of course.

If you are around you can spend some time at Hoof & Horn Zoo - the Bio-Engineer-Museum my daughter Dyrah and me build up there.

Lotham Family

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