How to Order

I take custom orders for all my products. This is: Functional wear (special clothing with the old bio-enhanced tissues), crates components, food and drinks.

For clothes (including invisible clothes for the appearance tab) and items made by Reverse engineering you best contact my guildie Aytekin. I am not in that market anymore. Aytekin has his vendors also at TOG Mall.

I accept custom orders only as gmail.

You can send your custom order gmail to Belisama Lotham. Of course you need to include some details:
- the name of the schematic you want
- for clothing: the stat modifier you want
- for clothing: the color you want
- if you want a special name on it: the exact name you would like

An example would be:
"I want a Desert Command Jacket in black with Camouflage.
Please name it "Unseen Jacket".

Please note: If you mistype the name you want - i will not correct it. I copy & paste the exact spelling from your gmail !

I will tell you the price as soon as posible. When the order is done (usual it need a few days) you will get a gmail with the waypoint of the vendor your order is in. Usual it will be in a backpack with your name on it.

If you want crated components you can also order them per gmail. I can make full factory runs of every possible domestic trader component you need.

No order to place, but wanna give some feedback? Please send us an email.

Please note that we like to buy resources also. If you have resources for sale or want to get a mining contract - check out the details at usefull things.


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