How To Offer Items To A Vendor

  First you need to go to the correct vendor. If you are offering stuff to us make sure to use the Lotham Buying Agent. It's the small jawa vendor near the jawa greeter at TOG Mall.

Don't use the vendors of my guildies. Usually they don't want the resources you are offering.

After that open the vendor (doubleclick) and check for "offers to Vendor" (on the top of the window). Make sure again you are using the correct vendor (double check is better then offering to a guildie of mine):

Then you need the button "Offer Item" down to the right:

After you hit that button a new window open. That window works like the instant sales at bazaar - but only the owner of the vendor can see the offers. You first need to select the stack you want to offer:

Then you calculate the price according to my pricelist or newsletter. You type in that price (you can also add a description - but that is not needed usual):

If you typed the wrong price by accident then you can cancel that offer. For that you need to check the Details of you offer (first hit "Refresh". and then "Details" (or doubleclick on the offer). After in the description-window there is a button for cancelling the offer down to the right.

This information brought by Lotham family