The Lotham Family

Dyrah Lotham

(Zabrak female, Master BE, Master CH, Ranger Track III)
  Dyrah Lotham

I was found as a baby in Bestine, where my parents abandoned me... Thats all I know about them. But lucky me, Belisama Lotham took me as her child - so i called her my mother. Even though she's human and i'm zabrak. I know being mother isn't a question of biology. No, it's a question of heart.
Belisama raised me and taught me the value of life. So I try to respect every form of intelligent life. From the beginning I loved being outdoors, maybe that's why I like being creature handler. But as Belisama, I was also a bio-engineer - so we run the "Hoof & Horn" shop together.
After NGE i go for spy and like it yet...

Born 2003 Dyrah (formerly known as Datura at Wanderhome) is my first SWG-Account - and she is it still you ask me. Even if she is only around to get DNA for pets or getting bait for the survival vendor... and now as spy she get some nice insect meat if Beli need it for cooking.


Belisama Lotham

(Human female, Master-BE, Master Merchant, FS Craft Mastery + FS luck + FS survey)
  Belisama Lotham Life is the highest value for me. Maybe that's why I've chosen to become a bio-engineer. Together with my daughter Dyrah I run the "Hoof & Horn" shop.
Ok - to be true - she is not my daughter by birth - she was found in Bestine when she was a baby and I took her as my child. Now that she has grown she's a real outdoor girl, whereas I prefer to stay inside. She always calls me a laboratory rat, and I guess that's nearly true. Now i am domestic trader so i do more housework like tailoring and cooking. Still not leaving house that much...

Beli started as second account in october 2003. But because i love it to be a BE she is now more online then Datura. After NGE Beli go for domestic trader. At the moment i enjoy it. And i am already proofed that i am crazy: Beli grinded jedi in summer 2005 and got Craft Mastery (for better pets) and Heightened Senses: "Survey" and "Luck". So i got another character-slot. And of course he is a crafter also:


Antal Lotham

(Human male, Wannabe-AS, Merchant, a bit TKA)
  Antal Lotham ..after a terrible cat fight with my partner i had to leave my home and the small company we both build up. So i left him, my home, my entire life... i left all behind me and moved to my aunt Belisama over there to Tatooine to found a new home and new people to share love and happiness

It's true - Antal is a bit different. He knows what he like: strong guys... Zabrak are welcome too - but everything else is not exactly his taste.
So thats why he call every guy "sweetie" - even if some male react a bit irritated... the imaginary company he left back was a tailor company so he still set a high value to his appearance.

To be tue - the reason why i play Antal as gay may be that Dyrah and Belisama where called a bit to often Chick, Honey, Sweetie... So maybe thats why i thought it would be funny to call guys now the same...

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