Hoof & Horn - Bio-engineered products and Survival shop

  We offer all kind of bio-engineered product like pets, petsupplies and tissues.
Additional to this we also offer petfood on our petsupply-vendor. Our Survival vendor offers fishing poles & baits, traps and camps (also in crates). Our best selling products are instant stims and tissues but our favorites are pets - so lets give me a short introduction to them:

First: All is about DNA - nothing about the "skin" ...

Belisama and Datura Lotham with their vendors So there is no "best" pet. The stats of the pet do only depend on the DNA its made of - not on the kind of pet you have chosen. So it's possible to make a CL7 gurreck - or a CL 30 Durni...

Only a few pets have a minimum-creature-level. For example: even a gronda with worst stats ever seen (like HAM 85 <g>) will have CL15. The kind of pet ("skin") change the speed also.
Please note that people who are no Creature Handler can only use pets up to CL10 that are not aggressive. Only Creature Handler can handle a pet that count as aggressive. And only Creature Handlers can have more then 2 pets also. More details you can find at our ordering-information.

As Master-BE we can make all pets. The one with a minimum-CL or the aggro one are marked with it.

If you just got your first pet (or want to find out if you already know the most important things about pets) .. check out my basic informations for pet owners.


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