Usefull Stuff

The best place for all crafters is SWG Craft Project. There you can a list of all current resources, many other information and a nice forum with helpfull people

Informations around creatures, their resources and lots more you find it SWG Creatures . com. That is the side that helps me making the animal resource list above.

There you can find the Beginners Guide for Traders also. Make sure you check out the Comprehensive Links about resources. Lunariel is the true god of resource knowledge !

A tool for helping You updating the resource info at SWGCraft (still beta) is SWGAide. It also help you analyze all trade related gmails and make you never again miss a good spawn (if it's reported to SWGCraft at least)

I made some video tutorials that you can download.

If you just started with Star Wars Galaxies there is a nice collection you want to check out: What a Piece of Junk. I suggest to do it. It's easy - and worth the time because you get the Rattletrap Instant Travel Vehicle.

Before NGE hits SWG i was a Bio Engineer - that means from 2003 until 2005. You can stillvisit my old Hoof & Horn BE-Shop. Of course you can't order anything anymore *sigh*

A nice page for tailors and tailor-stuff is Kelsaka's Clothing. Or you visit Glitterwear - Fashions by TK. They have a complete catalogue with all clothes.

Last but not least you also can visit the official page of Star Wars Galaxies

If you are interested in life outside of SWG: you can also visit my homepage: Saakjes Cottage. It's german of course.

This information brought by Lotham family