Where to find Bel's vendors

Your Merchant for Food & Special Clothing

Map to TOG Mall Bel's vendors are located at TOG Mall, Sarlacc City, Starsider. All my vendors are on the worldmap (all named Bel's). The waypoints is:
/way tatooine -5091 -3308 TOG Mall
We are only a few steps away from the shuttle port of Sarlacc City. It's easy to find - we are close to the great pit of the Tatooine Sarlacc. Be carefull if you visit that spot.

I am offering food, tailor components and special clothing with the old bio-enhanced tissues (pre-NGE made).
city Map of Sarlacc City with TOG Mall
My food you can find at Bel's Gourmet.
I am proud that i am able to offer capped food. You will like the stat modifier on it. Details you can find under "Chef Information - Food & Drinks". If needed i can also make food and drinks for decoration purposes. Check out "Chef Information - View all items" if you want some.

My bio-enhanced clothes still have sockets to put SEAs in. You can find these fine clothing at Bel's Functional Wear.
That way you can have clothing with one more modifier on it then usual. Check out "Tailor Information - Products" for more details.

Bel's Haberdashery offers crated components made by domestic traders for Armorsmiths and other traders like Synthetic Cloth, Reinforced Fiber Panel... It also offers Travelpacks in crates

Please note that we like to buy resources also. If you have resources for sale or want to get a mining contract - check out the details at usefull things.

TOG Mall is a guild Mall. My family members and my guildies also have vendors over there. Make sure you check them out. We placed some perfect 45.00 crafting stations at TOG mall for all visitors (the food and structure stations can be found at TOG Diner right near TOG Mall). And yes - Sarlacc City is a research center of course.
If you are around you can spend some time at Hoof & Horn Zoo - the Bio-Engineer-Museum my daughter Dyrah and me build up there.

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