Decorate Your Home

  If you want a nice dinning table, a bar or maybe a desk with a buffet - then you need to know how the different food and drinks look like. You have 2 different kind of items you can choose of the regular food and drinks - and the dropped schematics like the Assorted Fruits. Often you find only a few products - and they are usualy crated - thats why i made this page. So: just check out how the different items looks -and if you want to order something - just send a gmail to Belisama.


Food and Drinks

  There are many different components, food and drinks. Some have an own design, others share they design. So here i show you the picture and a list with items that looks like that. Hope its not to confusing ;)
First I list the items looking like drinks, then food - and then some other chef component that you maybe can use for decoration also.

This is Alcohol - a component.
But several drinks looks exact the same:
Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud,
Ruby Bliel,
Vayerbok and
Veronian Berry Wine.

This is a simple cask.
Looks like Accarragm,
Correlian Ale,
Correlian Brandy,
Ithorian Mist,
Starshine Surprise

a large glass
T'ssolok use the same design.

a small glass
- or Jawa Beer

really - no other looks like this

Bespin Port,
Mandalorian Wine,
T'illa T'ill

Blue Milk

Breath of Heaven,
or Durindfire


Deuterium Pyro

Gralinyn Juice

Spice Tea

Rancor Aid

Vasarian Brandy

Seems this picture is the favorite of the designers - it's used for Ahrisa, Almond-Kwevu Crisp Munchies, Blap Biscuit, Dweezel, Exo-Protein Wafers, Havla, Sweesonberry Rolls, Travel Biscuits

Another favorite of the designers: Carmelized Pkneb, Chandad, Citros Snow Cake, Felbar, Gorrnar, Pyollian Cake, Vagnerian Canape, Won-Won

Air Cake


only the cup of tea is missing...

also looks very good. wishiwould kow how it taste.

Pikatta Pie

Smuggler's Delight

Kanali Wafers

Deneelian Fizz Pudding


Bofa Treat

Blob Candy


This is Bantha Butter.
K-18 Rations and
Pastebread looks the same.


Parwan Nutricake

Kiwik Clusjo Swirl

Sweet Cake mix

You like meat on skewers like satay ? try this:
Gruuvan Shaal
or Scrimpi

Vercupti of Agazza Boleruuee

Meat Jerky


Karkan Ribenes, Synthsteak


Bivoli Tempari

Soypro. Who said that everything looks tasty?


i think it looks more like pet food. So if you have a nice cat or dog in deedform...

Blood Chowder

Rakririan Burnout Sauce


Teltier Noodles

Cavaellian Creams

a barrel.

This is a heavy food additive. Soon there are no more BE-tissues to make them...

This is a light food additive. These also will vanish because their are no more BE.

a medium food additive. Also need BE-tissues to be made.

Dropped Schematics


This are the dropped schematics that i made so far. They are usual one-use-schematics so i can't make them always. When i find and tried more i will add the pictures. If you have a chef-schematic that you want to made - i can help you.

Assorted Fruits
As you can see - it looks exact the same as Vegeparsine (this picture is just a different view). Maybe the designers where to busy when they made this schematic.
  plain bowl     carved bowl  
tall bottle          kitchen utensils            fat bottle

trophy fish

This information brought by Lotham family