Food & Drinks

  Food & Drinks works as buffs. They can alter different values like:
Strength - Bonus on melee-damage
Agility - Bonus on Defense
Stamina - adds 8 action and 2 health per point
Precision - Bonus at ranged-damage
Consitution - adds 8 health and 2 action per point
Luck - its not proved how it works: some say it give a higher chance for a critical hit in a battle, other says its good to have when you tune force crystals / pearls... As usual: nobody knows it for sure. Or at least - if they know it they don't tell us...

Food and drinks also can give a bonus at Terrain Negotiation or helps crafting with an Experimentation bonus.

a complete list with all effects you can find at post-NGE Food Chart.

If you are looking for items to decorate your home - maybe you want a dinning table or a bar - check this page.

Pet Food

I also offer pet food to keep your pet happy. I offer usual all types so you can choose the favorite food of your pet.

The complete list is: * Blubbery Fish Substitute * Coarse Fish Substitute * Cooked Fish Substitute * Cooked Meat Substitute * Dry Fruit Substitute * Fatty Fish Substitute * Fatty Meat Substitute * Juicy Fruit Substitute * Sour Fruit Substitute * Stringy Meat Substitute * Sweet Fruit Substitute * Tender Meat Substitute.

Please note that pet food can't be made in factories so nobody can offer them in crates.


The most important Food & Drinks

  This are the stats of food & drinks that I offer:
      Name my offer  
    Bel's Accarragm +91.2 Agility +27 Movement
    Bel's Bespin Port +26.4 Experimentation bonus
    Bel's Breath of Heaven +79.2 Constitution Dodge Chance +3.0
    Bel's Deneelian Fizz Pudding +79.2 Luck Block Chance +3.0 Block Value +30.0
    Bel's Flameout +79.2 Agility Strikethrough Chance +3.0 Strikethrough Value +30.0  
  Kommerken Steak   Bel's Kommerken Steak +11.9 Treasure Map Foraging
    Bel's Mandalorian Wine +79.2 Strength +30 Constitution
    Bel's Pyollian Cake +15.96 Assembly bonus
    Bel's Rakririan Burnout Sauce +65.7 strengh +25 Precision
    Bel's Thakitillo +79.2 Stamina + 3.0 Parry  
  Veghash   Bel's Veghash +34.2 creature harvesting  
    Bel's Vercupti of Agazza Boleruuee +79.2 Precision Evasion Chance +3.0 Evasion Value +30.0

This information brought by Lotham family